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There is an emerging consensus the United States should end its failed experiment enlisting local sheriffs and police as frontline enforcers of civil immigration law.  And despite a rancid political environment in Washington, DC, a social movement is growing that envisions and demands a US immigration policy with deportations reduced down to zero.

Despite a wide range of views about the future of immigration reform, there is universal agreement across the political spectrum that transparency must be a cornerstone of effective policy.  Even as the US debates whether and how to modernize its immigration laws to bring them into alignment with constitutional values, there is unanimous support for DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to be more transparent and accountable.

In furtherance of these goals, this website will serve to Uncover the Truth about DHS's Priority Enforcement Program (PEP).  It will be a place to look past slogans and hyperbole, where questions are raised and information is shared.

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